Protests broke out Monday on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, with vehicles and businesses damaged and looting reported, following the police shooting of Michael Brown, 18. Police in riot gear stood on the street, trying to keep the situation under control. Police dogs were also brought to the area.

The protests followed a candlelight vigil for Brown, who wasn’t armed when he was shot Saturday.

Sean invited Reverend CL Bryant to the program to discuss the situation. “I don’t know specifically what happened, and I don’t have all the facts, but I’m very disturbed at the reaction in Missouri,” Sean told Rev. Bryant. CL agreed with Sean’s assessment and strongly admonished Rev. Al Sharpton’s actions involving the death of Michael Brown. “I’m disturbed by it too, I wasn’t there. But I do know this. Al Sharpton will take any opportunity he can - like a buzzard flying over the body of yet another dead kid - to try and make himself relevant.”

“How can you have any justice, how can you have any peace, to use Sharpton’s words, if your first reaction is to break the store windows of shop owners who had nothing to do with it and start stealing their stuff? That is something we can not tolerate in this country.”


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